Juyeong Cho, MSc

She received her M.S. degree from Ewha Womans University, studying RNA epigenetic modifications regulating stem cell differentiation. Fascinated by astrocytes-neuron interactions, she joined the Nam Lab as a research intern in March 2022. She is currently interested in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases with molecular and electrophysiological approaches.


Ewha Womans University 

Sep 2019 – Aug 2021

MS in System Health and Engineering Convergence, GPA: 4.10 / 4.30

  • Thesis title: “Potential upstream regulatory factors of AlkB homolog 5 (ALKBH5) for multipotent stem cell differentiation”
  • Committee: Kwang Suk Ko (chair), Anders Lindroth, Yoon Jung Park

Ewha Womans University 

Mar 2015 – Aug 2019

BS in Nutritional Science & Food Management, GPA: 3.91 / 4.30

  • magna cum laude, Dean’s list for six semesters

Research Experience

Ewha Womans University, NutriEpigenomics Lab, Seoul, Korea 2019 – 2021

Laboratory Research: “The correlation between nutrient and nucleic acid methylase”

  • Investigated the impact of an RNA demethylase on cell differentiation using gene overexpression and knockdown.
  • Produced plasmid constructs for gene overexpression or knockout through various cloning technologies.
  • Analyzed publicly available data and explored biological pathways involved in cell differentiation.
  • Assisted animal research tasks including rat care, management, anesthesia, and blood collection.
  • Worked in a BSL-2 laboratory.

Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, Seoul, KoreaAug – Nov 2020

Clinical Research: “Development and validation of healthy meal for menopausal middle-aged women”

  • Estimated sample size based on similar published studies using G*Power software.
  • Recruited clinical research participants.


Wet Lab:

Dry Lab:

  • Human and animal cell culture
  • Gene expression analysis: DNA/RNA isolation, RT-PCR/qRT-PCR
  • Cloning: Gateway, TOPO, restriction enzyme, ligation independent
  • siRNA/miRNA and plasmid DNA transfection
  • Lentiviral particle production and titration

  • Microarray and RNA-seq data analysis
  • Pathway analysis (DAVID, GSEA)
  • Motif analysis (HOMER)
  • Programming: Linux, R (preprocessCore, gplots)

Languages: Korean (native), English (fluent)

Poster Presentations:

  • Cho, J. Y., Choi, S. Y., Choi, M. J., & Park, Y. J. A Role of Alkbh5 at the Early Stage of Cell Differentiation in C2C12 Cells. Poster presented at: NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE; June 2021; online.
  • Choi, S. Y., Choi, M. J., Cho, J. Y., & Park, Y. J. Alkbh5, a RNA demethylase, was required for induction of myogenesis in the C2C12 cell model. Poster presented at: 2019 Korean Nutrition Society International Conference; October 2019; Seoul, Korea.


  • Choi, S. Y., Cho, J. Y., Park, J., Lindroth, A. M., & Park, Y. J. miR-455-3p-mediated regulation of ALKBH5 in early myogenesis. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Cho, J. Y., Choi, S. Y., Choi, M. J., & Park, Y. J. (2021). A Role of Alkbh5 at the Early Stage of Cell Differentiation in C2C12 Cells. Current Developments in Nutrition, 5(Supplement_2), 1204-1204.