Min-Ho Nam, KMD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Senior Research Scientist at Brain Science Institute, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) // Adjunct professor at Department of KHU-KIST Convergence Science and Technology, Kyung Hee University // Adjunct professor at Neuroscience Major, Division of Bio-medical Science and Technology, KIST school, University of Science and Technology (UST)

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Yeon Ha Ju, PhD


She received B.S. degree of biology from Konkuk University and received Ph.D. degree of neuroscience from UST. She has studied the molecular and metabolic mechanism of Alzheimer's disease through reactive astrocytes in Justin Lee's Lab. In Nam lab, she is studying molecular mechanisms of epilepsy and metabolic alterations of neurological diseases using electrophysiology and molecular biology.

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Hyowon Lee, MSc

PhD Student

He received his master degree from Dongguk University and studied plant genetics. He worked as a research intern in a neuroscience lab at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Currently, he is studying neuroscience in Nam lab at KIST as a PhD student.

Hyunjin Kim, MSc.

PhD student

He received his Master of science degree from Ajou University, He has been investigating the role of a sugar transporter which is present in the brain through molecular biological approaches. In NAM lab, he is investigating the glia-neuronal metabolic interaction, particularly through glucose and fructose metabolism using various approaches including molecular biology, electrophysiology, imaging, etc.

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Juyeong Cho, MSc


She received her M.S. degree from Ewha Womans University, studying RNA epigenetic modifications regulating stem cell differentiation. Fascinated by astrocytes-neuron interactions, she joined the Nam Lab as a research intern in March 2022. She is currently interested in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases with molecular and electrophysiological approaches.

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Eunbin Hong

Graduate student (MS course)

She received B.S. degree of applied chemistry from Dongduk women’s University. She has previously worked as a research intern for 2 semesters in Nam lab. Now she is working as a graduate student researcher, and simultaneously, she is in the Master’s course in Biotechnology major at Yonsei University. She is studying the molecular mechanism of neurodegeneration diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson’s disease through reactive astrocytes.

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Dong-Chan Seo

Visiting Graduate Student (Integrated MS-PhD course)

He studied molecular biology in Dankook University where he received his B.S. degree. Now he is in the Master course in Neuroscience at Korea University. He has been working as a research intern in Virus Facility at KIST (led by Dr. Seung Eun Lee). Since he has been interested in neuroscience, now he joined Nam Lab as a (part-time) visiting graduate student. In Nam Lab, he is studying therapeutic potential of chemogenetic approach in Parkinson's disease using various viral vectors, which is being collaborated with Dr. Seung Eun Lee.

Chaeyeon Kang

Undergraduate intern

She is studying Korean Medicine in Kyung Hee university. After learning acupuncture in college, she found interest in neuroscience as a method to clarify and discover the clinical effectiveness of Korean medicine. She is now studying neuroscience as an undergraduate intern in NAM lab.

Yejin Cho

Undergraduate Intern

She is studying pharmacy at Kyung Hee University. She became interested in neuroscience because her grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. She is now studying neuroscience as an undergraduate intern in the NAM lab.