Lab people

Min-Ho Nam, KMD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Senior Research Scientist at Brain Science Institute, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) // Adjunct professor at Department of KHU-KIST Convergence Science and Technology, Kyung Hee University

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Hyowon Lee, MSc

PhD Student

He received his master degree from Dongguk University and studied plant genetics. He worked as a research intern in a neuroscience lab at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Currently, he is studying neuroscience in Nam lab at KIST as a PhD student.

Seulkee Yang, MSc

PhD student

I am a biologist, who is passionate about electrophysiology. I received my BSc in Biology and a MSc in Neuro- and bahavioral Biology from Free University of Berlin, Germany. At Nam lab, I am dissecting the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease with strong emphasis on astrocyte using a wide range of methods including electrophysiology and optogenetics.

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Hyunjin Kim, MSc.


He received his Master of science degree from Ajou University, He has been investigating the role of a sugar transporter which is present in the brain through molecular biological approaches. In NAM lab, he is investigating the glia-neuronal metabolic interaction, particularly through glucose and fructose metabolism using various approaches including molecular biology, electrophysiology, imaging, etc.

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Juneyeon Kim

Research Intern

DOB 2020-12-28 ․ ․ ․ ․ ․DOW 2021-06-30 (for returning to his undergraduate course)

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Sangyong Lee

Research Intern

DOB 2020-12-28 ․ ․ ․ ․ ․DOW 2021-02-26 (for returning to his undergraduate course)

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Joo-Yeon Park

Research intern

DOB 2020-05-01 ․ ․ ․ ․ ․DOW 2020-10-31 (for starting her master's degree in other field)

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